Dear Parents / Guardians,

I’m very glad to welcome you through this prospectus. In my opinion selecting a school for children is indeed a challenging job as well as an irksome process, children of early bsorb 100% from their  environments. One of the theories of Madam Maria Montessori says “ a child possesses tremendous power to learn from their environment, including people as well as materials from the birth to the ages of six ”. Hence , they must be kept under a sound environment.

On the other, hand teaching methods of the yesteryears do not work with the children of the present “Digital generation”. Today, it completely differs. many electronic gadgets,  Radios, chinemas, theater, different channels of TV and countless magazines have tremendous impact on their learning behaviour. These children are much faster than those of the past decades. If a school or a teacher does not cope up with the recent evelpoments and modern trends, they will be left far behind in this swiftly moving modern life.

Many of the parents are either over estimate or over ambitious about their children. They want their child to learn as much as possible. In most of the case, we want our children to be have as mature person. These sorts  of overburden must not be imposed on children. They should grow up naturally, not by force.

School education should ensure that children become complete students not simply a handful  of people ho know the lessons and pass examinations successfully. The effort should be to equip the students in a way that they should their environment and future well. Similarly, school should also strive to use new and emerging opproaches in the field of education both practically and theoretically.

We have an excellent team of teachers interested in stimulating  the intellectual and personal develpomet of each students and in preparing students for professional careers or for further studies. Today, there are several schools around you. Yet. You have got to make the right selection. Thank  you very much for  your interest taken in Nagarjuna.


Sincerely Yours,                                                                                                                                               

Sunil Bikram Sijapati