Nagarjuna Academy is located at kopundole ,lalitpur away form market rush and traffic disturbance. It has a peaceful environment in the city. Initially Nagarjuna  Academy was established in the year 1988 for conducting different international tests and preparing students for these tests from Kathmandu. It is for higher level (class ten or above). The junior level wing has been started form the year 1993.



Nagarjuna believes that “Students should not be just book worms”, therefore we make every effort to provide them great deals of opportunities to broaden no only their subject knowledge but also comprehensive knowledge with the recent developments.

Our ultimate aim to produce dynamic citizens for the nation and well disciplined, helpful sociable individual to the society and practical and skillful person in his/her career life.

The academy aims to achieve a synthesis of technology and science with the ancient tradition of Hinduism and Buddhism in Nepal. Compared to other schools the academy aims to provide quality education at immensely low cost.



The school academic year starts from  first week of Baishak and ends on Chaitra. The academic year consists of three terms. First term, Mid term and Last term. Each long & ends in Shrawan, Ashoj and Chaitra repectively.

The school runs 6 days a week. The school follows generally government holidays

(see academic calendar).

All classes begin every official day with assembly at 9:30 am.



The school has developed its own syllabuses and teaching methodology to maintain its own standard and to cover the national curriculum. School follows the most renowned and standard books of national and international publishers as the text books. The books developed by the HMG curriculum development centre (Ministry of Education), will be followed by other relevant books selecting from the reference book approved by HMG curriculum development centre. Gradually Cambridge University syllabuses will be added from the level above class 5 or 6 to famillarized with O-level course. So students can take either SLC or O-level or both tests.



The medium of instruction is English. All the teachers speak in English language except in the Nepali vernacular classes. Students must communicate in English in the school premises. New students will be gradually encouraged to  speak English. However, students will also have the opportunity to learn their relpective languages like Newari, Hindi, German & French.



The Nagarjuna Academy has a library which contains number of books , references materials , encyclopaedias and regular news papers. The teachers as well as the students can develop their formal/informal knowledge by using the library. Nagarjuna Academy expends the library by adding relevant valuable books every year.


Term Test

Term testS are held in every 3rd month. Three terms, one  half yearly and one final examination will be held in each academic year. The  parents should come to collect the progress report card and duly signed card should be sent back after 3 days of the receipt.