New admission procedure begins from 1st week of Chaitra.  Parents should collect the application form and prospectus of the school and should submit the duly filled forms within the week.  The students of the other schools who intend to join this school should take an admission test.  Those students who get through the admission test will be called for an interview together with the parents.

Successful students can join by paying all the annual and first month fees within the given deadline date.

The admission of child at the school meant a complete acceptance of the school rules and regulation and they will be abided by them.

Rules and regulations may be amended from time to time without notice.

The school authorities decision in the matter of admission will be final and no argument will be entertained.

Parents/ Guardians should bring the following documents for the enrollment of their child.

i.  Four passport size photographs

ii.  Birth Certificate

iii.  Progress report card of the past school

iv.  Mark sheet

v.  Transfer certificate

vi.  Vaccinated certificate

vii.  Past medical records (if any)

Students should be medically fit.  He /She must not suffer from any contagious disease.



Parents / Guardians are required to give at least two months notice of withdrawal of their ward.  Two months fee will be deducted from the security deposit if the required notice is not given.

If any parent/guardian wish to withdraw or transfer his/her ward from the school at the end of academic session or after the completion of annual examination, they should inform the school in written before Falgun 10, otherwise the school will deduct the two months fee.

If the parent/guardian wants to leave or transfer their ward, the school will charge them fees equivalent to half the admission fee for the transfer certificate.


Behavior in the school

Students are strictly prohibited to leave the premises of the school during the class hours, except with the permission of the principal.  Parents / Guardians should collect their children themselves outside the gate from security personnel.  Those students using bus facilities should be collected by their guardian from their bus stop.

Students found disturbing the school rules or other students by different violent activities will be warned and expelled.  These expelled students will not be refunded their deposit paid during the enrollment.