Isha Thapa, Great - 8

Home-Stay in Sindhupalchowk”

Published on The Himalayan Times (22nd Aug. 2013, Thursday)

My excitement crossed all the boundaries when I knew that I was also chosen for the trip to visit the schools of Sindupalchowk for 2 nights and 3 days. This visit programme was jointly organized by the production team of “Hinda Hindai” NTV Plus, District Education Office Sindupalchowk and of course, my school Nagarjuna Academy, Kopundole.  “Hinda Hindai” is an informative and talent show programme anchor and performed by children of different school in different episode. I was the main anchor for this episode. During the visit there were three major activities to be carried out. Firstly, shooting for Hinda Hindai; information of through the major places to reach “Tatopani”; secondly, interact with the students of the schools in Sindhupalchowk (Jhirpu HSSchool, Jhirpu and Kodari HSSchool, Kodari) and donation of  2 desktop computers; third and the most thrilling for me was “the Home Stay” in the home of different students of these community schools. 


Ashad 16th, 2070; I was told to gather in the school at 6:00 AM  with 11 other friends, among them were Astha Sijapati, Krishina Adhikari, Sadikshya Khattri, Pratibha Dhakal, Divya Magar, Arzu Gurung, Prabesh Dhakal, Abhay Lama, Sachin Khadka and Sushant Karki along with four teachers of my school.  We moved from our school at 6:30aml to Singha Durbar, where three crew members of NTV Plus joined us and then we started our journey.    I first gave my shot at ‘Nalinchowk’ across the Bhaktapur for the opening of the episode, where I had to introduce the programme and the places that we were visiting. .  Then again the shooting at Dhulikhel, Dolalghat and Barabise were taken to describe the beauty and local importance of these places. 


Our first destination was Jhirpu HSSchool, Jhirpu which is 5 kilometer ahead of Tatopani.. It was 4:30 PM when we arrived there. We were delayed for 2 and a half hour because of landslide in several places of the road. All the staff, teachers and students were eagerly waiting to welcome us though the last bell was ringed off at 3:30. They welcome us by beautiful dances. My friend Divya Magar organized interaction and talent show of the students.  It was all captured in the camera of NTV plus. Everybody took part eagerly. At last I interviewed the principal of the school about his school, students and the progress of the school. It was almost 6:30 PM when we wrapped-up program. The last excitement was the “home stay”. We made up our 4 groups and then we went to four different homes. 

Me, Pratibha Dhakal, Divya Magar, Arzu Gurung was in Zoya Sherpa’s home. There was a water fall near her home. It was a great fun and excitement to experience the home in the village where domestic animals were  in the ground floor and we stayed upstairs.  It was also an amazing to see the food cooked in firewood. All the members of the house were so happy to see us with their children. We talked a lot and watched TV with them.   Next morning we all gathered in the school with local friends. We gifted the computers that we had brought with.  We left this school at around 11 AM to visit the next school at Kodari.

Second day we had programme in Kodari Higher Secondary school, Kodari. I was totally surprised to see almost whole school was on the road to give us welcome.   When we entered Kodari school I was very happy that they honored us with Khada.  Some of the students were in their own cultural dresses, mostly I found Sherpa, Tamang and Newar students. They performed many dances, drama, Karate stunts and songs on the stage behind the school where there was a big playground. Interaction class was held between the students of Kodari school and us.  Every activity was captured in the camera.


Finally, I took an interview of the District Education Officer of Sindhupalchowk Mr. Gayhanth Gautam and  the principal, Kodari School. They mentioned about the importance of such programme to share the views and experience of the culture of different parts of our country. I was so tired and hungry. It was almost 5:30 PM.  I feel so happy as they offered us very special food on their school canteen. 


This was second night in Sindupalchowk,  we again went with the newly introduced friends of this school for  home stay. Actually many of the students wanted to take us to their home.  Again, we made 4 groups like the last night and went to four different houses but this time all of us our homes where we stayed were close to each other because it was a small village. We went Tatopani in the same evening and played in the park. 

It was raining almost all time as we left Kathmandu. Temperature was low and it was awesome to get into  hot spring water and relaxed.  We had a great fun.  Then I Astha and Krishina along with Zoya Sherpa  went to see different temples and suspension bridges nearby.  There were other family members and friends  of Zoya Sherpa. We talked a lot about Tatopani and Kathmandu as well. Next day also around 6 o’clock in the morning we went to Tatopani, took bath there and returned. 

At around 10 AM, finally we went to the boarder of China where there was a bridge called “Miteri Pul” on Bhote Koshi. We all went to Khasa Bazar, we shopped there few things which were cheaper compared to Kathmandu.   I interviewed the chief of Custom Office.  He talked about the historical importance of the boarder where a huge trade used to take place via this naka even between Tibet and Nepal.

I closed the shooting just on the  Miteri Bridge. This was our third day programme of our visit.

We packed up all our belongings to return to Kathmandu, at around 1 PM. We stopped at Dolalghat to eat local fish, which is a very famous.  Scenery that we saw on the way such as the hills, waterfalls and hydropower stations were amazing. 

Finally, we arrived Kathmandu at 9 pm. 


We got to know the cultures, life style of people in the hilly region. People were so friendly compared to the people of urban area.   Everybody had to work hard at home to support their family. Many of the children have to walk 5 Kilometers everyday for their school.  I really appreciate their hard life compare to us. This trip is one of the most unforgettable moments of my life.  They welcomed us in such a way that we were very happy. We found them very friendly. We have also called them to visit our school and stay at our home too.  I will never ever forget this moment in my life. Thank you my school for organizing so marvelous programme. 

Thank you !

Isha Thapa

Class : Eight

Nagarjuna Academy

An ISA School, Kopundole, Lalitpur